I Went To a Local Tanning Salon

I was recently driving through Texas to visit family and take a spring mini-vacation to the beach. I have family in Waco, so I stopped by to visit them and while I was down, we all went on a little family trip to a local tanning salon.

Out of everything I’ve shared with you on this website about the responsibilities of indoor tanning salons, the place we visited hit them all!

We came in, and went ahead and did a one time tanning package, but they offer monthly deals at super great rates that I haven’t seen anywhere else. They had a wide selection of lotions and other tanning “accessories.” Also, they encouraged us to use tanning goggles! We had brought our own, so sadly we had no need to buy their goggles.

We knew what we wanted and what times we needed to tan, but I did notice that the staff was very helpful with new comers, explaining to them the different skin types, tanning times, and how to build up a solid base tan.

So many tanning beds!


a tanning bed i used while visiting waco, tx
So many options!

I am almost sad that I wasn’t staying in Waco for too long, as the salon we went to had so many different kinds of tanning beds that I wanted to try out! It was super busy that day, but the staff was able to keep things moving for people and had enough beds that the wait time wasn’t long at all.

All in all, I definitely believe that this is the best tanning salon in Waco, TX that I have been to before! I highly encourage you visit them if you’re either driving through the area or live there.


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